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Increase your productivity with the location targeting.

Where a user lives is one of the most important information points to ensure that your campaigns are relevant to your audience and create segments of your audience.Therefore, you can focus your campaign on a country, region, county, city, or even neighborhood.With location targeting options, you can communicate with people when they really need your product or service.

Location Targeting Models

Location Targeting


The Key to Growing Traffic and Revenue!

When it comes to keywords, your goal should not be to target everything. By accurately identifying areas of growth potential, you can transform your website into a high-revenue traffic machine. You can specifically target the words in URLs, or block ads on pages that contain unwanted words (violence, terror, sexuality, etc.).

Keyword Targeting
Reach your audience easily.

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Reach All Inventory In One Platform!

Inventory targeting allows you to define the targeting dimensions for the inventory itself. For example, you can use inventory targeting to place an airline's ads on specific travel sites.

Inventory Targeting Types

Envanter Hedefleme


Determine your goal, Measure your performance.

Performance-based targeting makes it easy to calculate your ROI and provides an optimized advertising budget for your brand.

Performance Targeting
Technical Targeting


Manage your campaign with technical parameter

Technical targeting is an outstanding way to narrow down how you approach your audience and is an excellent way to manage advertising activity based on the user's current state of use. Using technical targeting, you can determine the technical characteristics of your campaigns (scanners, screen resolutions, device features, etc.).


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