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Increase your productivity with the location targeting.

Where a user lives is one of the most important information points to ensure that your campaigns are relevant to your audience and create segments of your audience.Therefore, you can focus your campaign on a country, region, county, city, or even neighborhood.With location targeting options, you can communicate with people when they really need your product or service.

Location Targeting


Find your targeted customers in your neighborhood.

You can reach your target audience on the NEIGHBORHOOD basis with THEADX, not in the region, city or county you want. With neighborhood targeting technology, as an advertiser, you can show that you understand your customers better, reach them in special messages, and show that you are interested in them.

Neighborhood Targeting

Hyperlocation Targeting

Capture Your Targeted Customers in the Surrounding Area

THEADX Hyper Location feature allows you to reach your target audience within these regions by limiting the positions you define on the map (ex 5000M).

By publishing your campaign within these limits, you can offer real-time offers to your potential local visitors / customers with special messages and direct them to your store / site to reach your target audience.

HiperLocation Targeting


Capture Your Customers Near Your Business

THEADX Dynamic Distance Targeting enables you to target your potential customers near the location of your business on the map and reach them with special offers/ ads.

In this way, you can provide your potential customers with your position, distance from user, your products and the opportunity you present with a single banner ad.

Dynamic Distance Targeting
Language Targeting


Speak the Same Language with Your Customers!

With THEADX Language Targeting feature, you can target your audience in the language they understand, show that you understand your customers better, reach them with special messages in these languages and show that you are specially interested in them.


Target Your Potential Customers Near Addresses You Specify!

If you have an address list of the users you think will be interested in your business, you can target this list to your potential customers in the immediate vicinity of these addresses collectively or individually by using THEADX Nearby Locations Targeting feature.

Targeting Nearby Places


Make Special Campaigns for Your Customers by Income Levels!

THEADX Socio-Economic Targeting feature allows you to target your customers as Socio-Economic by neighborhood with Socio-Economic Status (SES) data

Socio-Economic Targeting


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