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Make Special Campaigns for Your Customers by Income Levels!

THEADX Socio-Economic Targeting feature allows you to target your customers as Socio-Economic by neighborhood with Socio-Economic Status (SES) data.

By setting a specific bid for a particular Socio-Economic Status group, you can achieve a higher ROI or increase the rate of your ads showing to more likely users to purchase your products.


33K of the neighborhood in general about Turkey Top, Super Six, Middle-Upper, Middle-Lower, Gold and Gold Above you can target with six Socio-Economic Status!

One of the golden rules of success in trade is knowing who to market your product or service to. If you cannot accurately identify who is the audience that forms your market, you cannot offer your products and services to the right target audience in your marketing efforts.

Socio-Economic Status (SES) is to group people according to their economic and social status. It consists of six groups: A, B, C1, C2, D, E and gives you the chance to simplify your business processes.

No matter how good your ad campaign is, it will result in poor return performance if it is not shown to the right audience. When determining your target audience, you should reach the audience by analyzing the status of users in your business / products.

For instance, if you are selling a high-priced product, purchasing power becomes important for the need to return to demand. At this point, THEADX Socio-Economic Targeting technology enables you to get maximum return from your campaigns with the data it provides on the basis of neighborhood.

Remember that during this period of high competition, you need to act by recognizing and identifying the masses you want to deliver your products to!
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You can start creating your campaigns by selecting the appropriate audience for your business / products

A Social elite noble families, wealth from at least 2-3 generations, large industrialists, senior managers and famous self-employed (doctors, lawyers)
B Under Superior This new rich group consists of private sector executives, journalists, writers, public senior executives and medium-large tradesmen
C1 Above the middle This group of professionals and managers together with C2 make up the majority of the country
C2 Bottom of Center Consists of white-collar workers (civil servants and workers) and small business owners (tradesmen)
D Above Gold Blue collar workers consist of qualified and semi-qualified workers
E Under Gold Unqualified workers consist of workers with their bodies (agricultural workers, porters, etc.), small tradesmen and unemployed. It has the lowest income and education level

Jewellery Store

The target group of luxury brands, the high-income group, constitutes between 1% and 5% in almost every country. You can target this audience from your Internet usage habits as well as target as a location.

If you are a jeweler, you can target your A-B status with high-income visitors such as diamonds while targeting visitors in a high-income neighborhood with the THEADX Socio-Economic Targeting feature while targeting visitors in a middle-income neighborhood with C1-C2 status with more economical product advertisements.

Sosyo Ekonomik Hedefleme
Sosyo Ekonomik Hedefleme


You can choose C1 and C2 status with THEADX Socio-Economic Targeting feature if you want to promote a special credit card for young people with a maximum limit of 1000 TL and offering special opportunities.


If you are a clothing store owner with the aim of offering quality at an affordable price, you can set its target audience as C1-C2 and D. With THEADX Socio-Economic Targeting, your ads will not be shown to users with low interest in your products by running only in neighborhoods with this status, and you will be using your budget correctly.

Sosyo Ekonomik Hedefleme


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