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More Meaningful, More Interesting, More Viral

THEADX Native Ad Model blends your ad with content within the user's browsing site, thus providing the opportunity to connect with your customers through content without disturbing the user experience and creating ad perception.

Native Advertisement

Unlike display ads, native ads appear to be part of the content on the page on which they run, do not create the sense of advertising, and do not disturb users. It is one of the top conversion models because it completes the user experience and allows you to run your ads on a specific topic.

A successful natural ad; must be entered with original, useful, entertaining content and be compatible with the space in which the ad is used. Use the THEADX page category targeting feature to fit perfectly with the ad slot!
Native Advertisement

How to do Native Advertising with THEADX?

With THEADX, you can create your native ad campaigns in the broad publisher network by adding images, ad title, ad description, logo and a visible link.

Don't forget where the publisher site decides where and to what size your Natural Ad will appear on the relevant page (at the end of the news / content, between or under the title, right column of the page, home page, etc.)!

Available Sizes

  • 1200x627
  • 600x600

For Example

Women's Jean Jacket Design If you have a boutique using the THEADX natural (native) advertising model, fashion blogs likely to be found in your audience, the latest trend news and developments in clothing web sites targeting, and the content of these web sites to be compatible with a suitable title and description; In the right place, you can meet the right audience without creating ad perception.

Native Advertisement


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