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Digital Media Planning Tools

Ensure the highest converting from your advertising budget.

With THEADX Digital Media planning tools, you can create targets at the city, county or neighborhood level, filter the people in your targeted region with advanced segmentation and algorithms and target only the audience you want to reach.

Lokasyon Hedefleme


Company Targeting Solution For Exporters

We determine the companies that will buy the products to be exported and we provide location based promotion to these companies. Examine the import volumes of the countries, the types of products they import with concrete data presented by THEADX Export and show your ads to the companies you want to reach.



Digital media planning tool for Restaurants, Bistros

Attract customers around your restaurant or at any location you designate with the THEADX digital media planning tool for restaurants. You can decide where and how your ads will run. With our advanced online advertisement editor, prepare your own creatives quickly and easily by yourself without creating extra budget to prepare creatives. Reach people at your desired location and get a reservation With impressive ads such as display, native ad, HTML5 or even video that you will create by using your restaurant's images.

THEADX Restaurants


Digital media planning tool for Universities

You create your budget planning for display and video advertisements by examining the number of people interested in the departments at your university. Target departments relevant to your school's majors.

Üniversiteler İçin Dijital Medya Planlama Aracı
Özel Eğitim Kurumları İçin Dijital Medya Planlama Aracı


Digital media planning tool

Reach students on digital platforms and attract them to your institution with digital media planning for your educational institution.


Digital media planning tool

Make your digital media planning neighborhood by neighborhood by examining the number of voters and manage your advertising budget correctly.

Yerel Seçim İçin Dijital Medya Planlama Aracı


Digital media planning tool

Determine your target audience by examining the number of visitors who may be interested in the stores and products in your shopping mall, and make separate budget plans for display ads and video ads. Target customers in the area you determine around your shopping mall.

Alışveriş Merkezleri İçin Dijital Medya Planlama Aracı


Neighborhood Digital Media Planning Tool

Make neighborhood planning and dynamic advertising display for the provinces or districts you manage.

Belediyeler İçin Mahalle Mahalle Dijital Medya Planlama Aracı


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