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Find your targeted customers in your neighborhood.

You can reach your target audience on the NEIGHBORHOOD basis with THEADX, not in the region, city or county you want. With neighborhood targeting technology, as an advertiser, you can show that you understand your customers better, reach them in special messages, and show that you are interested in them.


Find your audience where they need it

No matter how good your ad campaign is, it will result in poor return performance if it is not shown in the right targeted position. By using THEADX Neighborhood Targeting feature, you can reach your target audience up to their neighborhood and increase your return on investment.

Although your campaign targets the entire country, the entire city or the entire district, you can reach your target audience with the highest quality and most scalable location data with the THEADX Neighborhood targeting feature.

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In Local Elections

If you are a mayor candidate, you can target advertising in all neighborhoods in your district by creating advertising campaigns for the needs of neighborhood.

If you are a neighborhood headman candidate, you can target high-performing visitors by targeting high quality neighborhoods.


With the help of neighborhood targeting, you can make productive advertisements with the special messages you have created for each province, district or even neighborhood, and touch all your voters.

Moreover, you can create dynamic video specific to the neighborhood and transfer your messages in this way.

Video Sample

Sample in High-income Neighborhoods

The target group of luxury brands, the high-income group, constitutes between 1% and 5% in almost every country. You can target this audience from your internet usage habits or you can target it as a location.

If you are a car dealer, you can target luxury car ads by targeting visitors in a high-income neighborhood, while targeting low-income neighborhood visitors with more affordable vehicle ads.
In addition, high-income consumers may be more interested in agreements such as cash outflows or lower interest rates, while low-income consumers may be more open to lower monthly payments. You can increase your investment-income with the campaigns you have made to the right target audience.

Mahalle Hedefleme

Sample of Chain Store or Market

If you have a chain store or grocery store, you can make special campaigns for each neighborhood and present these campaigns by targeting only the customers in that neighborhood. The opportunity to add your ads in the product and the road map of your store / market will increase your rate of attracting mobile visitors to your store/market.

You can create these banners with a special message for your targeted neighborhoods or you can prepare banners to reach thousands of neighborhoods with the Dynamic Banner Model with the support of our THEADX Operations Team

Sample of Local Restaurants

If you are a restaurant that only serves home by ordering to a region, you can advertise by targeting mobile visitors by adding ‘’Call to Action’’ in your ads and ringing your phone with it in your neighborhood with THEADX neighborhood targeting feature.


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