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Reach Your Audience on Mobile Platforms with THEADX

THEADX provides high interaction by providing a meaningful and efficient way to reach your real customers with a broad network of publishers and advanced targeting options on mobile platforms.

Mobile Advertisement


Reach Millions of Publishers in One Platform

THEADX Display ads are a model that makes it easy for you to reach your audience directly. It allows your ad to be featured in many different publishers, giving new visitors access.

Display Advertisement


More Meaningful, More Interesting, More Viral

THEADX Natural Ad Model blends your ad with content within the user's browsing site, thus providing the opportunity to connect with your customers through content without disturbing the user experience and creating ad perception.

Native Advertisement


Reach Millions of Mobile Customers with In-App Ads

The majority of users spend their time in applications. THEADX In-app advertising model allows you to reach your target audience in android and iOS applications and attract users.

In-App Advertising


Maximum Reach and High Impact Video Ads

Express yourself in the best way with a rich and impressive presentation, using both image and sound, with THEADX Video Advertising campaigns.

Video Advertising


The Easiest Way to Collect Lead

In the Masthead form ad model, you should be very careful that the form you insert into the ad is not too long and that the form only requires information that you can use to access visitors interested in your product. Unnecessary form fillers will lower your conversion rate as they will annoy visitors.

Masthead Form Advertising


Publish Your Most Unusual Ads on THEADX with HTML5

Give users a visually rich, interactive, catchy and impressive advertising experience with THEADX, the HTML5 ad model.

HTML5 Advertisement


Get Ad Code, Publish on THEADX

You can publish the codes of your broadcasts on a different adserver on THEADX using the platform's extensive Premium publisher network. This way, you can also see your ad counts on your own panels.

Code Advertisements


Simply fill in the form below to start using TheADX advanced targeting options and effective advertising models. Please enter all the information accurately and fully so that we can help you as soon as possible.

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