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Capture Your Targeted Customers in the Surrounding Area

THEADX Hyper Location feature allows you to reach your target audience within these regions by limiting the positions you define on the map (ex 5000M).

By publishing your campaign within these limits, you can offer real-time offers to your potential local visitors / customers with special messages and direct them to your store / site to reach your target audience.


71% of consumers prefer to see specialised ads for their interests and everyday life. THEADX Hyper Location technology helps you advertisers deliver your campaigns to your customers / visitors at the right time and with the right message, thereby increasing your chances of influencing your customers / visitors, creating sales opportunities.

In addition, precise localization with the highest quality and most scalable location data makes it easier to personalize and measure your campaigns by focusing on fewer customers / visitors in a very specific area with this localized marketing method.

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Hiperlokasyon Hedefleme

Entertainment Place

You own a night club and you organize a college party in your club. You can make special campaigns for all the universities and dormitories in your city and you can present these campaigns by targeting the students located near the university and dormitories 500M (you determine the diameter).

Hiperlokasyon Hedefleme
Hiperlokasyon Hedefleme

Industrial Zones

If you are a software company that writes industrial automation systems, you can make campaigns in every city or industrial area and you can present these campaigns by targeting people who are close to 5000M (you determine the diameter) of all industrial zones.

With the “Call to Action” feature that you will add to your ads, you can have your phones ring and direct to your switchboard and communicate with your potential customers.


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