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THEADX ® attaches great importance to personal informations.

Previous page data that we have collected is anonymous. For more information about privacy of personal information and rules please  click here.
The purpose of THEADX ® to present advertisements that may be usefull and related to consumers.
For this purpose theadx ® decide your interests according to your online behaviors and provide ads in these categories. When performing these operations theadx ® never use your personal information.

Don't you want to see personalize theadx ® ads anymore?

You can disable these ads temporarily.

off Status:Currently defined on your system has not active cookie

If you select this option, still you are possible to see dynamic campaigns which have added by the other THEADX® cooperation partners. Also when you visit the site of the personalize ad, you can see ads presented by THEADXx® again.

Do you prefer to disable all personalized ads this played by theadx ?

You can completely disable these ads.

To disable orientation service of theadx® for personalize ads and interest-based ads, please set the button as off.

on Status:Ads disabled on your system was not yet fully. THEADX® personalized advertising platform completely disable forwarding service, please click on the button

Ads are essential to fund many websites. When you opt out, you'll still see ads by THEADX® they just won't be based on websites you've previously visited. Instead, they'll be based on factors such as the content of the page or your recent searches.
Opting out doesn’t stop interest-based ads on sites that aren’t part of the theadx ® services. So, when you browse the Internet and see a website, video or app that’s outside theadx ®’s Network, you may still see interest-based ads from other companies.
If you use a few different browsers on your computer, even if you opt out of interest-based ads by theadx ® on one browser , you may still see interest-based ads by theadx ® on your other browsers .
Please keep in mind that disabling based on a cookie. If you delete all cookies from computer, we can not understand what you want to disable ads.
If you want to block theadx ® advertisements on your internet browser, you should change cookie settings in the settings tab on your browser.