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Google Analytics is now available in THEADX,
which you can instantly optimize your ads

Tıkla Ara

Make the improvements you need to track site traffic and understand customer needs with THEADX-Analytics integration. Achieve your goals, track transformation and maximize your benefits with this integration!

Tıkla Ara

Measure your visitors' behavior with Google Analytics integration. Instantly learn the number of visitors, conversion rates of websites, and optimize your ads!

Tıkla Ara


Create your own rules through many variables, including number of users, number of new users, number of sessions, bounce rate! For websites where you can't get a return, cut bid rates by half, reduce bid or avoid submitting bids. Increase, increase or double bids for websites where you are productive.

Which Data Types Can I Create Rules With?

Aşağıda yer alan veri tiplerini kullanarak oluşturacağınız kurallar ile teklif fiyatınızı artırın, azaltın veya teklif göndermeyerek bid optimizasyonunuzu gerçekleştirin!

Number of users

If the overall number of users of the website you are advertising is below or above the value you set, optimize your bids with rules!

Number of New Users

ReIf the new number of users of the website you are advertising is below or above the value you set, optimize your bids with rules!

Number of sessions

Analyze the user's interactions to visit your website over specific periods with the rules you set!

Bounce Rate

Analyze the bounce rate of visitors on your website, and create your royalty with the rules you set!


Create rules that match your quotes with the average number of pages displayed during a session!

Average session duration

Set rules and set your bids based on the times you will set your average session time rates!

E-commerce conversion rate

Analyze visitors who visit the website and make purchases, manage your bids based on the rules you create!

Number of transactions

Optimize your bids based on the rules you set by measuring the total number of purchases completed on your site!


Measure revenue from e-commerce transactions Manage your quotes with rules!


Adding E-Mail Account

After you have logged in, open the View User Management page from the pop-up window and select Create Account.

How to integrate?

Enter turkticaret@analytics-api-316508.iam.gserviceaccount.com as the email address and With read & analyze selected, click Add to add.

How to integrate?

Getting a View ID

After you have logged in, click View Settings from the pop-up window..

How to integrate?

View ID altındaki id alınarak THEADX Panelinizde Ayarlar > Entegrasyonlar > ANALYTICS View. ID alanına aldığınız id’yi girerek işlemi tamamlayın.

How to integrate?


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