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Terms & Conditions

All publishers' applications and web addresses are reviewed by our editors within the program rules to ensure that THEADX ® has the most accurate operation of the THEADX ® program that THEADX ® has prepared and managed.

All sites that are included in the THEADX ® Program are constantly monitored, if a site is found to be violating program rules, the website's account is closed and placed on the Publication Partnership program's Restricted Sites list.

Always read the THEADX ® Program Agreement before enrolling in the program. As stated in this agreement, THEADX ® has the right to change the Program rules at any time.


THEADX ® Program editors will decide whether they have a specific content when reviewing your website.

Sites that contain one or more of the following items will not be accepted into the THEADX ® program:

Only websites designed to participate in this program,

Domain names for deceiving the visitor with the word THEADX ® and/or missing letter usage,

Tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or drug-selling sites,

Sites that oppose any individual, group, or organization,

Sites with hacking/cracking/warez content,

Sites with erotic, pornographic content or advertisements of this type,

Sites with gambling, casino content or advertisements of this type,

Sites that post excessive advertising,

Sites that are more similar than normal with each other,

Content sites that support illegal activities or violate the legal rights of others,

Sites that encourage users or visitors to click on THEADX ® ads,

Sites that sell weapons for any kind of attack, whether hot or unfired,

Sites that sell or promote counterfeit products

Web sites that apply with subdomain name


No publisher's ad in the THEADX ® Program can be placed on any page on each site that is not content-based. Examples of these pages include error, entry, registration, thank you or welcome pages.

THEADX ® Program ads cannot be shown in the popup, Popunder, or email fields.

The page layout should not close any of the ads. Both text sections and product images and the THEADX ® logo must be clearly and clearly visible.

Ad fields with the same size or name cannot be placed in more than one section on the same page. That means that the advertising fields placed on the same page must be different.

Ads cannot be set to pin when the page is scrolled.

There cannot be more than 4 ads on one page at the same time.


Ad codes automatically displayed by THEADX ® in the THEADX ® Program must be pasted on web pages without any changes. It is strictly forbidden to modify the code. The advertising code that the publisher placed on the site must be the same as the advertising code from the THEADX ® field management page.


Counterfeit applications are strictly prohibited.

Displays with deformation or modified advertising code,

Demonstrations by placing advertisers on the page in a violation of the rules,

Publishing the ad(s) on a page where the publisher has not placed the ad code on another site or on a page other than the site specified in their account,

Repeated manual clicks,

Using a robot

Scriptes and tools that can cause automatic display, clicking, or this situation,

THEADX ® is technically able to detect counterfeit clicks. But we decide whether a site is manipulating or not based on the statistical data we have.

We have statistically all similar information, such as how many people will register for THEADX ® as a result of a click from a site, and how many of the registered ones will do so.

For this reason, fake clicks are detected and you will not be able to use our THEADX ® program.


The layout of the web page cannot be edited to encourage its visitor or user to click on ads. It cannot contain any text or visual for clicking. For example, your site should never contain "click here", "Support us", or similar text.