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Speak the Same Language with Your Customers!

With THEADX Language Targeting feature, you can target your audience in the language they understand, show that you understand your customers better, reach them with special messages in these languages ​​and show that you are specially interested in them.

In this way, users can be interested in their own language to offer ads by speaking the same language to your business.


Language targeting allows you to reach the speakers of a specific language.

The more difficult it is to communicate with people who do not speak the same language, the more difficult it will be for you to offer ads to your target audience in languages ​​that they do not understand.

THEADX Language Targeting technology is a valuable asset for advertisers who want to reach a global audience. It allows you to reach your potential customers who speak a specific language or multiple languages, even if they are located in non-local areas.

If you want to target multiple languages, remember to create a separate campaign for each!
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Dil Hedefleme
Dil Hedefleme


If you have a car rental company with theADX Language Targeting feature for foreign tourists, you can make special campaigns in their own language and connect with them effectively.


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