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Reach Your Audience on Mobile Platforms with THEADX.

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According to the 2018 report, Internet Usage and Statistics in the World, published by We Are Social and Hootsuite, the total number of users is 4.02 billion. The number of mobile internet users is 3.72 billion. This ratio shows that almost half of the world's internet users are mobile users. This is a critical point for reaching your potential customers, keeping up with mobile user expectations, accessibility and brand awareness. THEADX your mobile advertising campaign, thousands of apps and mobile sites as well as the cooperation as worldwide mobile traffic sources in Turkey offers a large inventory and besides extensive targeting options thanks to pinpoint your mobile target audience allows you to make ad impressions

Using this advanced infrastructure from THEADX, you can achieve high performance and more conversions across all your ads.

All new campaigns and text ads are eligible to run automatically on most mobile devices, but if you still want to prevent them from showing on certain devices, you can reach users only on the basis of the device they use with THEADX device targeting.
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