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Capture Your Customers Near Your Business

THEADX Dynamic Distance Targeting enables you to target your potential customers near the location of your business on the map and reach them with special offers/ ads.

In this way, you can provide your potential customers with your position, distance from user, your products and the opportunity you present with a single banner ad.


Keep in mind that users at a distance from your business are more likely to turn into customers!

THEADX Dynamic Distance Targeting is a location-based digital marketing tool that maximizes your businesses’ digital advertising investment returns. In this way, it enables small businesses to compete directly with large enterprises in their position. Don’t miss the traffic near your location by getting more store visits.

With THEADX Dynamic Distance Targeting technology, your potential customers in the immediate vicinity of your business will see a map of your ad showing the distance and direction to your business in addition to your products and opportunities. When you want to get directions, you are directed to your business from within the advertisement or with the help of a map application. Given the high likelihood that users close to your business will turn into customers, your campaign will have a high success rate.

At this point, however, you should remember to deliver the most accurate message to your user and the bid that will affect it.

In addition to the technology you use in your campaigns, reaching the user with the most accurate message and impressive offer is important for high success rates.
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You are opening a confectionery store and have a 50% discount on all confectionery specials for the opening day. With THEADX Dynamic Distance Targeting, you can target your opening by targeting users in the immediate vicinity of your store. The attract mobile visitors to your store will increase with the opportunity and road map of your store in your ads.


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