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Create your digital ads on our 100% data secure platform with detailed targeting models.

Do not pay withholding taxes and panel usage fees, minimize your costs.

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Compatible with GDPR and KVKK

Let your data be hosted in Turkey with THEADX programmatic advertising platform, which is fully compliant with all data regulations.

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Special SSP Agreements

Let us create a special SSP infrastructure for you without sharing your data with different SSPs. Determine your publisher list, make special agreements on your own servers if you wish; If you wish, manage your advertising campaigns with your SSPs separated within the THEADX infrastructure.

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BRSA Notification Compatible Single Local DSP-SSP

Publish your ads safely with the first domestic DSP platform developed in Turkey, which is fully compliant with the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) notification.

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Segment Targeted Automated Campaign Management

Users in your customer data should be automatically removed from the data when they benefit from campaigns. Thus, prevent ad fatigue by providing users with personalized experiences without showing the same ad.

Be One Step Ahead in the Finance Industry!

Introduce your campaigns more closely to your target audience with reliable, law-compliant and effective advertising solutions. Step into success in the industry with our programmatic advertising platform and stay ahead of your competitors!

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Reach Your Target Audience with Reliable Steps with THEADX.

Create your digital ads on our 100% data secure platform with detailed targeting models.

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