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Target Your Potential Customers Near Addresses You Specify!

If you have an address list of the users you think will be interested in your business, you can target this list to your potential customers in the immediate vicinity of these addresses collectively or individually by using THEADX Nearby Locations Targeting feature.

This way, your ad will not be shown to users with low access to the product or service you offer, and you will have used your budget correctly.


It is important to register your customers! Remember that these records will then help you increase your sales!

It is equally important where your ads should appear for the success of your campaign, as well as the correct content of your ad campaign.

With the THEADX Near Locations Targeting feature, you will be able to re-capture existing customers by entering the addresses of your customers you are selling or interested in your products in a way, and you will also be able to target potential customers located in those locations.

You can target individual addresses to create a more manageable campaign, or for convenience, add multiple addresses to target multiple addresses all at once.

THEADX Close-Up Targeting technology will allow you to add new loyal customers while increasing your business's touch by re-touching existing customers.

THEADX Targeting Near Places increases your conversion rate in your ad campaign by showing your ad to your customers and prospects!
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If you're a stationery operator, you'll need to make your ads by targeting student-intensive addresses.
With the THEADX Near Places Targeting feature, you can target the addresses of schools located near your stationery individually, and if the number of schools is high, you can target the students who are your potential customers with special messages for each school students.

In addition to the opportunity to add your ads to your stationery, the roadmap of your stationery will increase the rate of attracting mobile students to your business.

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If you're a local offline boutique owner, THEADX Near Locations Targeting feature allows you to target all your customers' addresses individually, and if you have more customers, you can target your existing customers and potential customers around them by entering addresses collectively.

You don't need to have a website to run your ads. With the “Call to Action” feature that you will add to your ads, you can ring your phones directly, direct them to your switchboard and make orders.


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