The Fastest Way to Reach Your Customers
THEADX enables your potential customers who are interested in the opportunities you offer a click-to-call advertising model on mobile platforms to reach you by phone instantly by clicking your ad.

Once you've shown your ad to mobile users, you should consider the next steps. Because users usually want to reach you instantly when they are interested in your product or campaign. At that point, THEADX, a click-to-call mobile ad model, allows your potential customers to contact you directly by phone and get in touch quickly.

Keep an eye on the landing page of your website, if it isn't suitable for opening on the mobile environment, have your potential customers click and call you and increase the conversion rate of your ad quickly!

Available Sizes

320x480 320x100 300x250 200x200 336x280
300x50 250x250 320x50 468x60
Example image for click-to-call
Example image for click-to-call 2


If you're a restaurant owner and aim to book all tables until dinner time on Friday, instead of referring your potential customer to the website, you can quickly turn your ad into a new customer, reservation, and thus sales through a stunning message and mobile click-to-call ad model.

Keep in mind that in order to achieve maximum throughput using click-to-call mobile ad technology, you should use the right targeting options, along with the content, strikingness and clarity of your message! For example; By targeting time and location, you can show your ad intensively to people close to your restaurant as the dinner time approaches, and show spot-shot ads!


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