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Add Vast Code to THEADX, Start Video Streaming Easily

You can place video ads by uploading your vast code without uploading the video file to THEADX.

Video Reklamlar

You can take the vast code of the video ads you create in the adserver you use and run them on THEADX. The Vast code helps you move the video file and information of the video ad you created. theadx video files from the installation of video advertising can give vast adding your code, you can make your ad published in Turkey's leading media.

If a skippable ad model is used, a jump button must be added to the 5th second. If the ads you add a skip button are removed after the start of the button, your ad will be blocked and you will not be able to continue with that ad. In non-skipable advertising model, this button is not used, but if your ad duration is 30 seconds or more, you need to convert it to skipable advertising model. Otherwise, your ad won't run anywhere.
Video Reklamlar


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