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Advertising Technologies

We are growing together with digital advertising.

As THEADX, we have developed all Programmatic Advertising channels for you by focusing on local technology. With our team's experience of over 10 years, we have all the necessary products such as DSP, SSP, DMP, Analytics, to enhance the success of your campaigns. We continue to grow with you and serve as a bridge between you and your customers.


With THEADX DSP, achieve maximum reach for your business, accessing a wide range of inventory worldwide!


"Purchase your ad spaces to premium buyers through RTB auctions! Enjoy competitive pricing with programmatic advertising!


"Collect, manage, and monetize all your visitor data in one place! Make the most out of your data!"


Empower your ads with Header Bidding infrastructure without the need to create separate accounts on different SSP platforms worldwide!


Understand your customers' needs! Track your traffic with all the features you need to improve your website accordingly!


Start offering the programmatic advertising technologies we provide you to your customers under your own brand and logo.


Host the programmatic advertising technologies we provide you on your own servers!

White Label and On-Premise Solutions

Utilize DSP, DMP, and SSP Solutions as White Label or On-Premise, and secure your place in the programmatic ecosystem with advanced advertising technologies.

Whitelabel / On-Premise
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Whitelabel / On-Premise
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Whitelabel / On-Premise
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Boost your digital campaigns with THEADX!

Gain maximum access to the entire world and a vast inventory for your business with THEADX DSP!

Reach your desired target audience with highly intelligent targeting options using our domestic RTB structure and advanced algorithms on THEADX DSP platform, designed separately for Advertisers and Agencies!

Create dynamic reports with Google Data Studio integration and measure your efficiency!

  • Real-Time Reporting

  • Worldwide Access

  • Visitor Tracking"

  • "Prediction Algorithmı

  • "Bid Optimization

  • Access Control

  • Multiple Inventories

  • Advanced Targeting Options


Collect, Manage, and Monetize All Your Visitor Data in One Place! Make the Most of Your Data!

Combine and Activate Your Data to Run Campaigns Across Digital Advertising Channels!

Use data to guide personalized and content-based advertising that captures the interest of relevant audiences and wins them over!

  • DSP Integration

  • Create Effective Audiences

  • Analyze Audiences

  • Collect and Harness Data from Various Sources


Purchase your ad spaces to premium buyers on private marketplaces, earn money from your inventory through RTB auctions, and enjoy competitive pricing with programmatic advertising!

  • Pricing

  • Blocking Rules

  • Category Targeting

  • Video Advertising Rules

  • Deal Creation

  • Header Bidding Technology

  • Real-Time Reporting


Don't Miss the Highest Bid! Maximize Your Revenue!

Strengthen your ads with Header Bidding infrastructure without the need to create separate accounts on different SSP platforms worldwide!

Don't worry about constantly optimizing or defining rules to achieve the best revenue with the Header Bidding algorithm; significantly reduce operational burden!

  • SSP Integration

  • Revenue Increase

  • Occupancy Rate Increase

  • Transparency

  • Easy Setup


"Elevate Your Customer Potential with Real-Time Analysis!"

"With Analytics, track valuable information about your visitors, such as where they come from, which devices they use, their interests, ages, genders, and more. Most importantly, see how they engage with your website."

Discover what content they visit the most, which items they click on, which products they purchase, and much more.

  • Targeting

  • Traffic Flow

  • Customized Information and Reports

  • Performance

Advertising Models

  • Video

  • Display

  • Native

  • Rich Media

All Devices

  • Phone

  • Tablet

  • PC

  • TV

Why Should You Choose Us?

Experience and Expertise

We create the bridge between demand and supply partners with our experience in programmatic advertising and our constantly developing and renewed infrastructure!

Premium Supply Network

With its wide inventory network, you can advertise your customers; We deliver it to the target audience in the country you want, with the advertising models you want!

Transparency & Security

With our KVKK compliant structure, we direct your performance by examining all the details of your expenditures for your advertisements!