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Move your campaigns to a cookie-free future with THEADX for wider reach and powerful performance.

The upcoming phase-out of third-party cookies will require changes to online advertising and marketing strategies. Although Google has rolled back its removal of cookies several times since the announcement that shook the web, the end of cookies will be an inevitable end.

Dinamik Yeniden Hedefleme

What are third party cookies?

Third-party cookies are text files containing small pieces of data used to identify the user's computer and track behavior across websites. While first-party cookies are placed by the website the user is visiting, third-party cookies are placed and used by other sites where the user is not currently located. Third-party cookies are used for cross-site tracking, retargeting, and serving selected ads to users based on previous browsing history and other online behavior.

Dinamik Yeniden Hedefleme
Dinamik Yeniden Hedefleme

Future without cookies

Despite their usefulness for marketing and ad targeting, many major web browsers no longer support third-party cookies. Others, like Google Chrome, are also planning to ban cookies in the near future.

Google has become the last major company to announce that they are ending support for third-party cookies. Safari, Firefox and many other platforms preceded Google by a year or more as part of ongoing efforts to bolster consumer privacy.

In the very near future, the success of online marketers will depend on their readiness to go cookie-free. THEADX delivers real value to customers by recognizing users in a cookie-free world.


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