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Increase Your Conversion Rate With Standard Retargeting!

THEADX Standard Retargeting feature; it tracks your visitors who visit your website and allows you to reach them again by targeting and displaying your ads while browsing online on different web pages.

This will remind your potential customers of the products / services you offer while reading an article, listening to music, or browsing online stores, and bringing them back to your site when they make a purchase / service decision.

Standart Retargeting


You can bring back 97% of the first time visitors to your site leave your site without buying / taking anything with THEADX Standard Retargeting.

THEADX Standard Retargeting is a technology that makes your ads powerful and greatly enhances the effectiveness of your ads. According to research, users' response to your ads increased by 400% with retargeting. In this way, you can ensure that your investments with THEADX Standard Retargeting are returned to you with double or more efficiency.

THEADX Standard Retargeting helps you to re-interact with potential customers who have left your website without performing any buying action, to win them back and to turn them into loyal customers.

In addition to this, even if you do not sell directly with your ads, it constantly reminds your brand to your customers and enables you to gain a place in the minds of potential customers by increasing your brand awareness.

In this feature where all ad models are available, you need to create and upload your banners manually. These ads are one of the best ways to attract the right customers for your site and increase your return on investment for your business.

Investments made with retargeting usually return you twice or more.
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Standart Retargeting

Automotive Supply Industry

If you have a company that produces car mirrors and headlights for 10 companies in the automotive supplier industry, every visitor to your site is very valuable for you because the number of visitors to your website is small.

By re-targeting these visitors, you can remind yourself and turn into customers.

Standart Retargeting


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