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Reach Thousands of Web Sites from Around the World!

With more than 120 SSP integration in our network, you can advertise to thousands of websites locally and globally. With the THEADX SSP Targeting feature, you can select each SSP specific, depending on your campaign content, you can only target SSPs that are targeted to display, video, native or specific geography or that offer vertical services such as mobile, web only.


THEADX is expanding their integration with global advertising networks every day to provide quality traffic to our advertisers.

With our integration with more than 120 SSP, you can reach thousands of publishers in all countries and advertise with all advertising models (native, display, video).

With THEADX you can buy traffic:
SSP Kaynağı SSP Kaynağı SSP Kaynağı SSP Kaynağı SSP Kaynağı SSP Kaynağı SSP Kaynağı SSP Kaynağı

And more…

SSP Hedefleme
Multiple SSP integration allows you to;
  • Ability to choose SPP for your advertising model
  • Reach your target audience in more publishers as there will be different publishers in each SSP network
  • Offerings from publishers connected to multiple SSP networks to each SSP may be different

For instance; www… publisher can bid 1 TL for ad SSP while B SSP can bid 0.75 TL. THEADX identifies this broadcaster you want to run your ads in the SSP where it offers the lowest bid among all SSPs, and delivers your ads for 0.75 TL.

SSP Hedefleme
SSP Hedefleme


Slimming products have a company that sells and ads you want to deliver to Turkey in native as Turkey and Germany can target native broadcasting ssp captures Turkish visitors coming from places areas publisher sites that SSPs from Turkey and Germany.


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