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Deliver Your Advertisements to the Target Audience with 30% Less Cost

You can show your ads to visitors who come to your site by searching on any search engine or on-site search engine, by targeting them based on the keywords they searched with THEADX Search Retargeting.

Arama Yeniden Hedefleme


In search retargeting, the return on users is higher than other targeting models because you offer them the product they have previously searched for.

Search Retargeting offers the most accurate and high-quality returns among targeting methods. You can display your static or dynamic banners when users visit other sites by targeting them with the relevant word after they come to your site by searching through any search engine or in-site search engine.

In this way, your rate of converting your clicks into sales will increase as visitors are shown ads related to the subject they need or are interested in.

It allows you to use your budget more efficiently by delivering your ads to the same target audience at 30% less cost than search network ads.
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Arama Yeniden Hedefleme

Home Decoration Sites

If you own a home decoration site and are going to run a "Christmas tree" campaign, you can first group the visitors to your site based on the words they come from, capture them on different websites, and show your ads.

You can show your "Christmas Tree" ads on different websites to visitors who come to your site with the words below.


  • • Christmas tree
  • • Christmas tree examples
  • • Pine tree
  • • Christmas ornament
  • • Christmas gift..etc..

When users visit that page by selecting one of the website/page results by searching on any search engine, you can publish your ads on those pages statically or dynamically, depending on your preference. You will be able to increase your sales by publishing your ads related to the product/service that the user has previously searched for.

In this way, you can regain access to the audience that has visited your site before and is interested in your products, and you can use your budget more efficiently by delivering your ads to the same target audience at 30% less cost than Search Network ads.

Arama Yeniden Hedefleme
Arama Yeniden Hedefleme


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