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Analyze the Sales Success of Your Ads, Increase Your Sales Performance!

With THEADX Sales Targeting, you can report whether the advertisements you have given turn into sales and how much revenue you have generated from these ads.

In this way, you can follow the performance of your campaigns instantaneously optimizing your low performance ads can increase the conversion rate to sales.


Keep in mind that the visibility of your ads on websites plays an important role in turning users into sales by increasing their interaction with your ads!

In this period of high competition in digital, the differences in advertising campaigns are realized through creativity and significant advertising broadcast technologies.

It is very important to accurately transfer your products / services, develop strategies to eliminate competitors, and capture the needs of your potential customers by targeting them in the right places. But the success of your campaign is measured by whether your sales have increased to the extent you want.

With THEADX Sales Targeting technology, you can track the conversion rates of your ads to sales and the sales turnover you made from these ads. You can improve your performance by doubling your ROI by optimizing your ads.

Sales Targeting Examples You Can Prepare;
  • Segment your campaign into segments you want
  • Targeting single publisher site
  • Targeting by category (eg women's sites)
  • Targeting sites with high visibility on category A sites

You can target and measure sales.

Satış Hedefleme
You can target your visitors who are turned into sales by segmenting them with different product suggestions about the product they bought later!
Satış Hedefleme


In your sales-oriented campaign for your sportswear products using THEADX Sales Targeting feature;

Segment: By segmenting your sneakers category, you can only report sales from your sneakers ads.
Site Based: You can run ads for your site by targeting site A, and only report your sales turnover from that site.
Category Based: You can run ads for your site by targeting “Sports” sites and reporting your sales turnover only from publishers in this category.
General: You can report your sales turnover on all publisher sites where your ads run.


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