Müşteri Listesi ile Yeniden Hedefleme


Target Your Visitors By Listing Their Interactions With Your Website!

With THEADX Customer List Retargeting feature; You can create lists by creating rules for users who view your homepage, member home page, conversion page, or other specific pages, and show users on these lists personalized automatic online ads related to the product / service / offer they are interested in on your website.


To get the best possible performance, you should remember to create lists based on your site structure and traffic volume!

THEADX Retargeting with the Customer List is a technology that dramatically increases the impact of your ads.

According to research, 54 percent of online customers who leave the shopping cart say, ‘’I buy the same product when I see a discount.’’ List your users who have left your shopping cart and retarget With THEADX Customer List. It helps you to make sales by attracting your site to re-interact with potential customers leaving your website.

Sample List of Strategies You Can Prepare;
  • Home Viewers
  • Category Page Viewers
  • Product or Offer Page Viewers
  • Shopping Cart Abandoners
  • Product or Service Purchased
  • Members

And lists that you determine will suit your site's structure and traffic volume.

You can understand the value that your visitors are expressing for you by identifying what stage they have reached in the steps of purchasing products / services on your website, and converting them to past visitors by targeting them to relevant offers or advertisements.
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Müşteri Listesi ile Yeniden Hedefleme


If you have an e-commerce site where you sell glasses, you should first create lists based on the structure and traffic volume of your site.


After logging in to your website with member login information, users who can view the opened page are determined as your member list. With the THEADX Customer List Retargeting feature, you can offer your members discounts with special messages, make your members feel special by reminding their privileges and increase both customer loyalty and sales.

Müşteri Listesi ile Yeniden Hedefleme
Mülteri Listesi ile Yeniden Hedefleme

You can list the visitors who have added the product to the basket but have not bought it, you can define the discount to these visitors and offer the products they have added to the basket and turn the shopping experience they started into sales. You can serve your ads in dynamic banner or dynamic video banner models.


You can list your customers who have made purchases of 100TL or more from your website before, you can make new model glasses promotions to your customers so that you can increase your sales by reminding you of previous experiences.

Mülteri Listesi ile Yeniden Hedefleme


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