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Publish Your Ads Only On The Pages And Categories You Want!

With THEADX Page and Category Targeting feature, you can reach entire category list where your ads can run, and publish your ads on the category pages of the publishers you choose.


As you display ads on the page about what visitors need or are interested in, your conversion rate will increase!

As your brand is different from others brands, you should make campaign targeting accordingly knowing that your costumers are not the same and have different habits and trends.

THEADX Page and Category Targeting technology allows you to run ad sif the page content gets the theme information from the Publisher and matches the category you want to run.

This allows you to create highly engaging ad campaigns based on your audience’s interests and relevant content.

Sayfa ve Kategori Hedefleme

Car Site

If you want to target women who are interested in automobiles, you can reach your target audience by publishing your ads on the pages that refer to automobile in page content theme instead of targeting a women’s site.

Sayfa ve Kategori Hedefleme


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