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The Key to Growing Traffic and Revenue!

With the THEADX word targeting feature, you can determine the words that your ads will run on, run your ads on the URLs they contain, and convert your page visitors to your potential customers by advertising the page content.

With THEADX Word Targeting, you can also target users who haven't visited your site before. This way, you can show your ads to audiences that may be your potential customers that you couldn't target before.

Keyword Targeting


Returns are higher than other targeting models because you offer users the product of interest in word targeting.

THEADX With the Word Targeting feature, you can serve static or dynamic ads to page visitors by targeting URLs that contain words that you specify.

As you can enter your words one by one in the system for convenience, you can target all of the words at once by adding bulk words (.txt, .xls, .xslx formats) for convenience. In addition, if you have a campaign you run on Google, you can add the Google word list to your system by pulling it from your panel.

Or, you can block your ad serving on pages (URLs) that specifically contain words you don't want. For example; violence, terror, sexuality, etc.

In this way, you will be able to identify the users who search for the keywords on the basis of URLs and catch them when they are online in different sites, and increase your sales by advertising on the page where the product / service of the user is looking for.

  • • Provides access to audiences you have not previously targeted. So you can keep the maximum number of people you can reach.
  • • You can convert your clicks to sales because visitors are shown advertising about the topic they need or are interested in.
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Keyword Targeting

Insurance Agents

If you are the owner of an insurance agency and you are going to do a inde Complementary Health Insurance kampanya campaign, you must first identify the search terms for your campaign;


  • • Complementary Health Insurance
  • • Health Insurance
  • • Complementary Health Insurance dental treatment
  • • Complementary Health Insurance birth package
  • • Complementary Health Insurance prices

When users visit a page (URL) that includes one of the words you've specified above, you can run your ads on those pages, either statically or dynamically, depending on your preference. You will be able to increase your sales by enabling your ads to run on the page where the products / services the user is interested in are introduced.

You will also have access to audiences that have not visited your site before but are unable to target your products.

Keyword Targeting


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