Envanter Listesi (Whitelist/Blacklist)Hedefleme


Only Advertise Your Publishers!

With the THEADX Inventory List Targeting feature, you can create publisher lists specific to your websites and select your publisher lists for each campaign to run your ads.


You can create your own Black and White lists to use in your campaigns.

With THEADX you can create many inventory lists specific to your websites.

Sample List Strategies You Can Prepare;
  • Whitelists
  • Blacklists
  • Vertical Site Lists (Women sites, Automobile sites, News sites, etc.)

You can replicate these lists according to your site content and sector.

THEADX Inventory List This web site and application lists that you created with targeting can be uploaded to the system collectively;
  • Blacklist for sites where you don't want your ads to show
  • If you only want your ads to run on certain sites,
  • If you want your ads to run only on the vertical site lists you specify, select the appropriate list.

you can reach the right audience with the right publisher network for your campaign.

Envanter Listesi (Whitelist/Blacklist) Hedefleme
Envanter Listesi (Whitelist/Blacklist) Hedefleme


If you are an electronic products site owner and you want to reach 25% discount for hair curlers to your target audience;

  • You can create an inventory of “Women's Sites up and have your ads run only on the publishers included in these lists.
  • You can create a “Men's Sites” blacklist inventory and ensure that your ads are not running only on the publishers included in these lists.
  • Or you can create a segment and get it published, for example, by capturing 3d 3min and Above Site only in the “Women Sites” inventory I created myself.


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