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You decide how often your ad will appear

THEADX Frequency Targeting is a feature that allows you to determine how often your ad will show to the same internet user in a given time. In other words, you can specify the number (impressions) you want the user to see each of your ads.

This will prevent your ads from showing to a user multiple times.


Keep in mind that the higher the frequency of your ads showing to a user, the more negative your brand perception may be and the lower the conversion rate!

THEADX Frequency Targeting technology allows you to determine how often your ad will show to the same audience and increase or decrease the frequency of your ad according to your performance targets.

When determining the frequency;
  • during the campaign/times
  • … per day / times
  • Site based Ex: site A: / times, site B/ times
  • per hour… / times

You can limit the number of times your ads are shown to a user.

In this way;
  • Reduce costs by not showing banners again to those who are not interested in your campaign and make your campaign budget more efficient.
  • You can protect your brand value and indirectly your brand value as your brand perception may occur negatively in users who have been exposed to your ads dozens of times a day.
  • Show fewer ads to users who have used your products / services or have visited your pages, while gaining new users by showing more frequent ads to users who have never visited your site.
Keep in mind that showing the same ad to the same visitor all the time will have a negative impact on both your brand image and your costs!
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Frekans Hedefleme
Frekans Hedefleme


If you're a publisher and you're going to promote a book coming out of your publisher, you can improve your campaign's sales and cost performance by targeting frequency after you've done your extensive segmentations.

1.Segment: Users who have added a book to the cart

By not targeting frequency for this segmentation, you can attract your potential customers to your site to complete your shopping.

2.Segment: Never Visited Your Site

You can target the segment 3 / times per day for this segmentation and keep the user informed of your book without following an aggressive advertising policy.

3.Segment: Who Have Purchased the Book

You can use your budget efficiently by no longer showing ads to your customers who have taken action by selecting frequency targeting 0 / times for users who have clicked on your ads and purchased the book.

4.Segment: Followers / Non-Watchers of Your Video Ads

You can target all ın / times of frequency to all users who don't track your entire ad.

By selecting frequency targeting 0 / times for users who watch your ad 1 time, you will use your budget efficiently by no longer showing ad impressions to your activated customers.

5.Segment: Nearby Users

If your ad addresses a bit more local in the bookstores where the book is sold, you can increase frequency of frequency targeting and get a more effective conversion as the user approaches those locations.


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