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Strong Combination of Data and Personalized Videos

With the THEADX Dynamic Video Retargeting feature, you can show your visitors personalized automated online video ads about the products or services they are viewing on your website.


THEADX Dynamic Video Re-Targeting, in addition to all the features of Dynamic re-targeting, allows you to serve your ads in online video content.

We provide you with the data storage system infrastructure needed to automatically generate your dynamic video retargeting ads. Just upload your product catalog to our systems and create your campaigns.

96% of consumers find videos useful when deciding to buy online.
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The ads you make with Standard Targeting all your visitors. If you don’t have a comprehensive web site and your daily visitors are small, you can target clicks with this model.


  • No extensive web site
  • Business volume and product volume is high
  • The product is small enough to manage site page counts.
  • Business and web site owners with a maximum of 100 visitors per day.


If you have an e-commerce website which consists much product page, you can seperate your visitors an ou can set the spending according to your desicion by using Dynamic video targeting and detailed segment targeting tools.With this way, you aim to gain customers and increase your return on investment,by allocating more budgets to users with high customer shopping rates.


  • Who has extensive web site
  • The product page count is much more than enough to manage site page counts.
  • Business and web site owners with a minimum of 1000 visitors per day.
Dinamik Yeniden Hedefleme

Dinamik Video Yeniden Hedefleme

Internet users' interest in visual content is growing rapidly each year, and online videos are emerging as one of the rising values ​​of the digital advertising world. THEADX Video Dynamic Retargeting technology enables you to create automated video banners and re-present the products you are experiencing on your site with custom video banners for unstable visitors.

In order to create your video ads automatically, we provide our data storage system;

  • Upload your product catalog on your e-commerce or website
  • And just create your campaigns.

The system works for you to find the right people for each product;

  • Under your own logo
  • Maximum 30 sec. time
  • Maximum 3 products
  • Referring to each product page
  • It will broadcast your video ad as long as you want with the current stock / price information.
Keep in mind that video ads can increase your clickthrough rates by 74% and return on investment by 49%!

In this way, your site visitors interested, examined, seen or even add products to the basket whether they are ready to use the ready-made templates in our system by using video ads to your site to help you make sales.

Dinamik Video Yeniden Hedefleme


If you have an e-commerce site where you sell bags and shoes, you must first upload your product catalog to our systems. You can then perform Dynamic Re-Targeting according to the segmentations you will specify on your site.

1.Segmentation Example “BASKET”;

You can present the products they have added to the basket with dynamic video banners by defining discounts for your visitors who have added the product to the basket but have not received it and you can turn the shopping experience they started into sales.

You can diversify your segmantations as follows!
  • Search from search engines and add products to the basket
  • You can target those who have visited the site more than once (for example, 3 times) within 1 week, and those staying on the average 3 min on the product page.
2.Segmentation Example “ED VISITED PRODUCTS”

You can show your visitors the products they visit on your website with dynamic video banners on different web pages and remind them of the products they are interested in.

Dinamik Video Yeniden Hedefleme
Dinamik Video Yeniden Hedefleme
Segment your best selling products on your site with dynamic video banners;
  • Visited your site
  • Shopping before you
  • Visited at least one of your best selling products
  • Visited your site and remained 2MIN
  • Visited the category of at least one of your best-selling products

You can present to one or more target audiences by identifying target audiences that you can diversify as such.

You can show your visitors the products they visit on your website with dynamic video banners on different web pages and remind them of the products they are interested in and increase their return to your site and increase your conversion rate to sales.


If you have a car site by entering the details such as “brand, model and year araba, you can capture your visitors who searched cars and left your site on different websites with the THEADX Dynamic Retargeting feature and show all vehicles with the same brand, model and year features on your site to customers related to dynamic banners.

With the “Call to Action” feature that you will add to your ads, you can have your phones ring and direct to your switchboard and communicate with your potential customers.

Dinamik Video Yeniden Hedefleme


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