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Easiest way to reach your target audiences

With the THEADX Dynamic Interest Targeting feature, you can use ready-to-use interest visitor data that we have created in many categories, or your own interest visitor data from millions of user data, so that you can publish your ads by targeting users who will be interested in your products / services.


Campaigns which emphasize to right-target-audiences is always get more conversion than another campaigns.

THEADX Dynamic Interest Targeting does not depend on the content of the user's current page, but on the visitor's interest category.

Standard Interest Targeting:

With THEADX DMP, you can target users based on their interests by selecting the available data sets provided by data providers for your site.

Dynamic Interest Targeting:

On THEADX DMP screens; You can target the data providers of the data providers that allow dynamic interest targeting by segmenting them according to your own interests.

Using targeted data in your campaigns, holiday, e-commerce, music, children, sports, real estate, women, baby, men's clothing, automobile and many other categories, whether you are a football enthusiast or interested in Arts and Entertainment, you can show your ads to specific audiences, you can increase clickthrough rates and feedbacks.

Dinamik İlgi Alanı Hedefleme

The ready data sets provided by the data providers last;

  • 15 min
  • 1 day
  • 30 days
  • 360 days
  • 720 days

are divided into times as interest area data.

As the time you select in the data sets decreases, the interest and interaction of the user to your ad will increase at the same rate.


If you own a watch brand company, you can use the THEADX Standard Area of ​​Interest Targeting tool to purchase the ready data package ler Those Who Want to Buy Watches; under “Shopping” category;

  • If you target for 15 minutes, you can influence the user's purchasing decision immediately and interact and sell.
  • If you target 30 days, the user may not be interested in your ads because it is likely that the user will buy different channels during this process.
Dinamik İlgi alanı Hedefleme
Dinamik İlgi alanı Hedefleme


If you are a construction company owner, you can create the data package THE Those Who Want to Buy a Home altında under the “Shopping” category with THEADX Dynamic Interest Targeting tool;

  • If you aim for 15 minutes, you can inform the user about your construction projects with your ads.
  • If you aim for 1 day, 30 days, you can interact with the sales decision by influencing the purchase decision as the user will go through the decision making process by evaluating different options in this process.
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