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By segmenting your customers, offer your offers / products may be interested in, Increase Conversion Rate!

TheADX Detailed Segment Retargeting feature; it allows you to segment and track your visitors who visit your website and target them as you browse different webpages and re-reach them by showing them specially crafted offers / ads.

Detailed Segment Retargeting


Remember that with the THEADX Detailed Segment Retargeting feature, you are not only reminding yourself of your visitors but also touching your audience's purchasing decision!

Since each visitor group has different expectations from your business, going to all of them with the same offer / ad will decrease the success rate of your campaign. For this reason, with the THEADX Detailed Segment Retargeting feature to target your visitors' expectations and needs, segmenting your visitors will target your return on investment positively.

THEADX Detailed Segment Retargeting is a technology that enables you to customize your ads according to your visitor segments, increase the effectiveness of your ads considerably, and also get in touch with your target audience's purchasing decision.

Examples of segmenting your website visitors;

  • • The amount of time they spend on your website
  • • Number of pages viewed
  • • Visited pages
  • • Visitors to page A and B
  • • Social media
  • • Search engines
  • • Can be diversified like visitors who shop over 100 TL.
Detailed Segment Retargeting
Detailed Segment Retargeting


The ads you make with Standard Targeting all your visitors. If you don’t have a detailed Web site and your daily visitors are small, you can target clicks with this model.


  • • No extensive web site
  • • Business volume and product volume is high
  • • The product page count is small enough to manage site page counts.
  • • Business and web site owners with a maximum of 100 visitors per day.


If you have an e-commerce website which consists much product page, you can seperate your visitors an ou can set the spending according to your desicion by using Dynamic video targeting and detailed segment targeting tools. With this way, you aim to gain customers and increase your return on investment,by allocating more budgets to users with high customer shopping rates.


  • • Who has extensive web site
  • • The product page count is much more than enough to manage site page counts.
  • • Business and web site owners with a minimum of 1000 visitors per day.
Detailed Segment Retargeting
Don't forget that you can diversify your visitor segmentations more according to the characteristics of your business!.

You can create different ad campaigns for each group of visitors you segmented. In this feature, where all ad models are available, you need to create and upload your banners manually. With this way, you can capture users entering your site when they are online on different sites.

These ads are one of the best ways to attract the right customers to your site and increase your return on investment for your business.

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Sample of a Machine Sales Company

If you have a company that sells metal and carpenter machines and you have a website that you are just promoting your products, you can target your website visitors by segmenting yourself and reminding yourself and transforming them into customers.

1. Segmentation

  • • Have come to your site by searching from search engines
  • • Metal Processing Machinery visited the category
  • • In the category of Metal Processing Machinery remained 1 minute or more
  • • Users who visited 3 products in Metal Processing Machinery category

You can define a potential customer who can buy Metal Processing Machine from your site.By targeting these visitors, you can present “Metal Processing Machine” ads that you will prepare specially for them.
With the “Call to Action” feature that you will add to your ads, you can have your phones ring and direct to your switchboard and communicate with your potential customers

Detailed Segment Retargeting
Detailed Segment Retargeting

2. Segmentation

  • • Directly to your site
  • • Visited your contact page
  • • Visitors who have stayed 1 minute or more on your site

You can identify as a visitor who came to your site and wanted to contact you. You can target ‘’Contact Us ”ads to these visitors.
With the “Call to Action” feature that you will add to your ads, you can have your phones ring and direct to your switchboard and communicate with your potential customers.

Sample of Coffe Machine and Coffee Products Selling Company

You have a business that sells coffee machines and coffee products; You can target the ‘’Espresso Capsule ”ads that are compatible with the machine they purchased to visitors who have previously purchased an Espresso machine.

Detailed Segment Retargeting


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