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Measure, Optimize and Improve Performance of Your Demand-Form Collection Campaigns!

With the THEADX Request-Form Targeting feature, you can measure your applications from your request forms on your website or in your ads. You can improve your performance by optimizing for ads, ad slots, or form pages that do not perform as expected.


To ensure a high return on your campaign, don't forget to get as much information from users as you need on your claim collection forms and clearly state what you want and why!

With the rapid progress of digital advertising, it has become easier to reach your target audience with the right ads, in the right positions, and to gather the information of your potential customers.

You can get information about your brand / product / services from your customers with the forms on your web site page after you click your ad with static banners or in-ad forms with dynamic banners that you will prepare and you can measure them with THEADX Demand-Form Targeting feature.

In this way, if your campaign's performance is low;
  • Ads
  • Your Domain or Target Audience
  • The information you have received in the form

Optimize your campaign performance and get more customer information.

For an Accurate Demand Collection Campaign;
  • Make your forms part of your ads,
  • Choose which questions to ask on your form and minimize
  • Make form and ad optimizations by measuring and improve your performance.
Talep Form Hedefleme
Ads with Demand Forms
Talep Form Hedefleme


If you are a construction company owner, you can create your campaigns with 2 different models if you want to prepare a campaign for the promotion of your new project and collect the contact information of your potential customers with this campaign.

You can measure your ads by preparing your advertisement works with your request forms and with THEADX Demand-Form Targeting feature.

You can improve your performance by optimizing the form content, audience, and ad content of your poorly performing ads.

Pages with Demand Forms

Or you can prepare your advertising works that promote your project, direct the users to your website and fill out the request form and measure your ads and form filling numbers with THEADX Request-Form Targeting feature.

You can optimize the target audience of your poorly performing ads, ad content, and improve your performance by optimizing the information you want in the form if the ad performance is high but the form filling performance is low.

Talep Form Hedefleme
Talep Form Hedefleme


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