URL Kuralları Oluşturma


Set Your Own URL to Run Your Ads

With the THEADX URL Rule Generation feature, you can specify or block pages that you want to target by URL.


Just as homes have a street address, web pages have unique addresses for users to find them. These addresses are called URLs.
For instance: :As www.theadx.com , https://www.theadx.com/features.php, https://www.theadx.com/iletisim.php

With THEADX, you can set rules for sites where your ad is running.

By typing words you want to target or block in the URL

  • With Category Target; the categories where you'd like your ads to run
  • With Category Block; the categories you don't want your ads to run
  • With Word Block; the words you don't want your ads to run

and you can run or block your ads according to the rules you set from these URLs of websites.

URL Rule ideas;
  • Publish only the main pages of sites
  • Publish only to technology categories of sites
  • Not to be published in women's categories
  • Terror, violence, accident, etc. words, such as the publication of the url, such as ..
URL Kuralları Oluşturma


When you promote your website that you sell baby products with URL Rule Creation;

  • Can only add categories “Woman” and “Baby”
  • By blocking URLs that contain “harassment, terrorism, violence, etc.

you can reach your campaign to the right audience.

URL Kuralları Oluşturma


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