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Get as many clicks as possible with your campaign budget!

With THEADX Click Targeting, you can set the minimum and maximum TL of your ads' clickthrough price.

This way, you can control the maximum amount you're willing to pay for each click and spend your budget in a controlled manner.

Click Targeting


With THEADX Click Targeting, when a user clicks on your ad, the cost of that click is no more than the maximum amount of clicks you set.

THEADX Click Targeting gives you control over the maximum amount you can pay for each click on your ads.

Your Ads;

  • • It will run if ads are showing at or below the maximum cost you set in your targeted areas.
  • • Your ads won't run unless you show ads for the maximum cost you set in your targeted areas. At this stage, you'll need to optimize your campaign click cost or impression slot.

If you don't have time to manage manual bids, you can also add learning methods to the system with THEADX Click Targeting.

Click Targeting
Click Targeting
Remember that the maximum click price you set is the highest amount you'll pay for a click! You can get impressions for lower prices in your targeted area.

For example: Your maximum click price for your campaign is 0.8 $ If the ad click price is 0.5 $ in the targeted areas, your budget will be spent 0.5 $ when your ads are clicked.

Security Systems

In your demand-driven campaign for security systems, you can use THEADX Click Targeting feature;

Daily Budget: 5000 $
Minimum Click Price: 0,3 $
Maximum Clicks: By setting 1 $, you can collect requests with the best interaction with the maximum budget you set by placing the best bid on your targeted ad slots and running your ads.

If you're unable to interact with the maximum clickthrough rate, you can optimize your ad targeting or increase your maximum clickthrough rate.

Click Targeting


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